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Tile Africa is a division of Norcros SA, which in turn is part of the International group Norcros Plc, a British based company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The Story Begins

Our Tile Africa story began with the dream and entrepreneurial skill of one man, Mr Vincent Leonardi. Born in Italy, but immigrated to South Africa in 1956.
In those days he was the General Manager of the Victoria Hotel in Johannesburg, but the wider world of adventure called and this young man set off for Namibia where he spent 10 exciting years in the field of mineral exploration.
In 1971, he founded the Standard Concrete works where he started manufacturing and selling Terrazzo tiles and marble and cladding.

The first Tile Afrika showroom was opened in 1987. Other showrooms followed and Mr. Leonardi, very tuned into the European trends through his contact with Italy saw that there was a move towards porcelain tiles and he added these to the portfolio.
Prestigious products abounded including the first big project, Westgate shopping centre, Eastgate shopping centre, the cladding for Sun City and much more.

A very important relationship between Mr. Leonardi and Pick 'N Pay began in 1978 with the tiling of the Carltonville store and continues strongly to this very day.
This is a relationship built on trust and strong values and to date over one million square metres of tiles has been supplied to Pick N Pay. Amazingly, the terrazzo tiles in that very first store lasted for 29 years and were only replaced by porcelain tiles from Tile Africa in 2008.

Open to new ideas and innovation, Mr. Leonardi saw a gap for the supply of good quality tiles to the South African Market at bargain prices.

Mr. Leonardi spotted a building to buy, close to the large and successful Union Tiles and partnering with Sam Rego, the first Tile Afrika Cash and Carry store was opened in 1983.

In 2005 the new Tile Africa was born as Tile Africa became part of the Norcros family.

This brought in a new era in tiling and bathroom ware retail and of course our famous orange tangram.

As part of our 25th Anniversary in 2013, Tile Africa had a facelift, making the brand more current, more stylish and more approachable.

The Tile Africa logo has gone through an evolution.

The new logo, with rounded corners, softer edges and modern grey is easier on the eye and without a doubt more contemporary.


Our Commitment to Our People


We are committed to our people and we recognise our people as our most important asset.
We therefore align our human resource management initiatives and practices with our business strategy in order to ensure alignment of objectives and actions as well as enhanced productivity and optimal performance.
We are committed to be an employer of choice. In this respect our commitment to our people is evidenced through:


People Development

  • Tile Africa invests at least 1% of its annual payroll in training and development initiatives,
    ranging from management development to Adult literacy programmes (ABET)
  • The company is registered with the W&R SETA and complies with skills legislation requirements
  • All Training and Development initiatives are in line with the business strategy and values
  • We believe our people have the passion and motivation to help the company reach its full potential


Norcros Groundworks Academy


Norcros South Africa, consisting of tile and bathroomware retailer Tile Africa; adhesive manufacturer TAL and tile manufacturer Johnson Tiles launched the Groundworks Academy in 2013. The facility and programmes were developed to create and sustain a culture of learning within Norcros SA that will also encourage staff to offer excellent service to customers in stores.

The first Retail Programme ran in December 2013 and since then six additional programmes were completed successfully. The academy offers two Retail programmes, a Design Advisor programme for sales staff and a Management programme for branch and sales floor managers. However, the academy also caters to sister companies TAL and Johnson Tiles and therefore also offers Adult Basic Education and Training; learnership and skill programmes as well as customer training; legislated training; computer training and other short courses. The academy recently launched a Life skills program, learners will have the opportunity to learn basic life skills such as computer skills, managing personal finances, the business world,Workplace skills etc.

Through the academy, Norcros SA hopes to produce skilled and knowledgeable employees, and identify talent for future development.



Corporate Social Investment

It is important to us to be a good corporate citizen by giving back to the community through our social investment program. We have committed to upgrading school bathroom facilities at four needy schools in Gauteng over the past financial year. Going forward we will be supporting the Sanitation Appropriate for Education Initiative (SAFE) initiative launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa in August 2018. Many public schools in South Africa struggle with the lack of proper ablution facilities for their learners, which hampers the children’s ability to learn and affects school attendance since poor sanitation increases health risks, making illnesses a common occurrence.

We realised that one of the best ways we could help was to do something that coincided with Tile Africa’s core business – tiles, taps and bathroom ware. Part of the project included educational programmes on how to keep the facilities healthy, clean and safe.

We are fully aware of the challenges that we face in South Africa, especially in the area of education. This project of upgrading bathroom facilities together with the WASH workshops, resonates with our company’s purpose which is to create spaces for living life your way.


Our Promise



Come into store and experience for yourself the warm welcome of the Tile Africa promise.
Our home is your home

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