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Tile Africa Commercial offers a wide range of products and services which are available to corporate brands, architects, designers, developers, contractors, and other professionals in the building industry. Through our extensive network of highly skilled consultants and specifiers in all regions, coupled with centralized co-ordination and a nationwide footprint of over 30 Tile Africa stores, we offer support across South Africa, and into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our quality products and services are specifically tailored to suit the requirements of the project, or application, from concept to completion. We offer a guaranteed national supply and fit service on many applications for larger projects. Our diversified product range include Ceramic and Porcelain tiles, Epoxy flooring, Polyurethane flooring, Decorative screeds, Luxury Vinyl Flooring, Timber flooring and many other specialist alternative flooring applications. Bathroomware has been included in our product range as an extension of value to our customers. Tile Africa Commercial create unsurpassed value through ongoing collaboration with our value chain, maintaining exceptional long-term partnerships with our customers & suppliers.

Commercial Services




At the inception of any project a capable member of the Commercial team partners with our customer, collaborating through the selection and design process to ensure a fit for purpose solution.

Product Development


We assist with sourcing of product including bespoke product development for larger projects, methods and material specifications and professional story boards, quantity surveying and centralized project coordination.



The supply and fit team deliver a turnkey solution with dedicated project managers, a quality installation and we will supply the relevant manufacturers’ guarantees on work done.



Installation is offered on tiling, epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, vinyl flooring, exposed concrete, carpeting, decorative cement for walls and floors, decking, acoustic panels, engineered timber, solid timber, and laminate floor coverings.



Our wide range of bathroomware and taps are manufactured to international standards, that carry an extensive guarantee. Our supply and fit service for wall and floor applications includes an installation guarantee for peace of mind.



The supply and fit team deliver a turnkey solution with dedicated project managers, a quality installation and we will supply the relevant manufacturers’ guarantees on work done. Additionally, we offer stock holding for large developments and our corporate customers.

Industry Sectors


Residential Developments

With the strong demand for housing within South Africa, residential developments are a key sector within which we work. Residential developments usually require a cost-effective floor and wall solution for low traffic areas, with trend-forward and aesthetically pleasing options. We supply everything from ceramic and porcelain tiles to laminates, vinyl floor coverings, and polished concrete products. We further offer a wide range of well-priced, value for money bathroomware and taps, manufactured to international standards, that carry an extensive guarantee.

For housing projects in excess of 20 000m², we will source and supply bespoke product manufactured for the project, if required.

Corporate Retailers

We specialise in working with corporate brands’ retail spaces within shopping centres and malls. The unique requirements of this group of customers includes national rollouts, with all stores carrying an identifiable brand identity with similar product. These spaces require a medium to high traffic solution, and often require an eclectic variety of finishes and sizes ranging from small decorative tiles and finishes to larger format tiles, decorative cementitious floors, engineered wood floors and luxury vinyl floors to name a few. Our offering also includes finishes for specialised areas, such as external non-slip applications, products suitable for commercial kitchens, cold storage facilities and more robust solutions for high traffic and loading dock areas.

Products available from Tile Africa Commercial range from ceramic to porcelain and decorative tiles, cementitious flooring solutions, luxury vinyl flooring (LVTs), laminates and engineered wood wall and floor coverings, to bathroomware and taps. Our service includes site inspections, design advice, sampling and story boarding. We further source and supply bespoke products for larger retail brands.

Large national brands further receive central coordination, with a single contact person for all orders, which precludes the need for bulk purchases. Our supply and fit service includes wall and floor coverings with method and materials specifications, cleaning specifications and installation guarantees on all work done.


The highly competitive hospitality industry requires sophisticated and trend-forward finishes as they compete for consumer spend. These spaces need to convey luxury whilst delivering practical, robust finishes. With years of experience in the industry, Tile Africa Commercial can supply and install a variety of fashionable wall and floor finishes in any format, design and texture, to suit every type of application, from concierge and reception areas to leisure and recreational areas, suites and bathrooms. Fit for purpose products are specified with the end-user in mind, as well as ensuring easy housekeeping for the hotel.

Our single point of contact approach caters for all floor and wall applications, as well as bathroomware. We offer an extensive range of coverings including tiles, carpets, luxury vinyl (LVTs), stone composite vinyl flooring, laminates, decorative cementitious floors, sports flooring, decking, synthetic grass and many more for various applications. Our range of bathroomware offers robust solutions for public bathrooms, the unique requirements for paraplegic facilities, as well as stylish options for hotel room en-suite bathrooms.

Tile Africa Commercial offers a full turnkey service whereby we supply and fit all wall and floor applications accompanied by an installation guarantee. We supply method and material specifications as well as cleaning specifications and methodologies. Additionally, we have export capabilities to Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond for hotel chains who operate across national territories.

Heavy Commercial Applications

The intense traffic conditions of shopping malls, airports, train stations and grocery stores, amongst others, require specific solutions, particularly where equipment such as trolleys and pallet jacks are used. We offer specialised products to cope with vertical impact, high point loading as well as continuous, intense foot traffic. These include full body porcelain tiles, full body glazed porcelain tiles, decorative tiles in large formats, polished and exposed concrete floors, terrazzo floors as well as some decorative cementitious floors. Our one-stop-shop for all wall and floor finishes includes a supply and fit service for these applications, which is accompanied by installation guarantees for peace of mind.

A wide variety of bathroomware and accessories that are specifically designed for public areas are available, including electronic water closets, sensor taps, and electronic soap dispensers. We also supply specialised fittings for paraplegic facilities. These are available for export into Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

Industrial Sector

Industrial spaces such as warehouses and manufacturing plants for the food and beverage industry require highly specialised products with acid and high-impact resistance and high point loading, to accommodate the specialised equipment used in these facilities.

Tile Africa Commercial is well versed in the supply and installation of heavy-duty porcelain and stone wear tiles, concrete floors, epoxy floor coatings and screeded floors required by this industry. Supply and fitment of these specialised floors comes with an installation guarantee for peace of mind.

Government/Institutional Buildings

Tile Africa Commercial has worked in a number of government spaces, which includes a large variety of specialised applications ranging from hospitals to prisons, schools and public libraries, to police stations and administrative areas such as Home Affairs offices. Being such public spaces, most of these applications require some sort of specialised product, for example anti-bacterial vinyl sheeting for hospitals and vandal proof bathroomware for prisons. Our dedicated and experienced team are well versed in finding the best fit for purpose solutions for these specialised applications.

With a national footprint of stores, and highly qualified specifiers and sales consultants in every province, we are well positioned to provide local expertise, nationwide. Our supply and fit service is available for all wall and floor applications and includes an installation guarantee for peace of mind

Swimming pools

Swimming pools require specialised product and installation, which is where Tile Africa Commercial excels. We specialise in the supply and installation of Olympic size swimming pools using FINA approved tiles and specialised fittings manufactured in Germany, to complete a pool from concept to completion. A wide variety of leisure pool tile solutions suited for hotel pools, spa’s, lodges etc. are also available with installations and guarantees from our supply and fit teams.

Our products include an extensive range of non-slip tile and other flooring solutions for pool surrounds with public safety, as well as aesthetics in mind.

Project Portfolio


Fairlawns Boutique Hotel

Fairlawns Boutique Hotel and Spa is the epitome of a hidden gem – tucked away in Sandton’s tranquil and leafy northern suburbs. Founded over 19 years ago, it is a well-established contender in the five-star boutique hotel market, popular with international travellers and Johannesburg’s well-heeled socialites. Each of the 41 luxury rooms has its own theme, with names like Marrakech, Burkina Faso and the Maison de Ville, guests are truly transported to a different world on arrival. Every piece of furniture and decorative object has been handpicked to carry the theme of each suite.


This residential estate is a tribute to the traditional equestrian-style of living exemplified within the Kyalami borough. A diverse range of floor coverings were supplied and fitted for various spaces within the development. Large cement-look tiles grace the open-plan living areas of the housing units, with wood-look laminates in the bedrooms. Additional coverings include stone plastic composite (SLC) vinyl flooring and rubber sports flooring in the fitness facilities, and a bespoke terrazzo floor installation and polished concrete flooring in the entertainment facilities of the estate. In addition to the floor coverings, all the taps and bathroom ware for the estate were supplied as part of a concept to completion offering to the property developers.

University Sports Facility

The five blocks of this University’s campus Sports Village, as well as the multi-storey student hostel required refurbishment. The Sports Village is a guest house facility providing accommodation for the public, athletes and sports teams preparing for significant upcoming sporting events, whilst the aptly named Kom en Gaan Hostel provides temporary accommodation for students whilst their permanent hostels are under renovation. Work on this project could therefore only be done during sporting off-seasons and during student holidays. Meticulously planned stock orders ensured that the tiling installations in each block could be timeously completed, over the two-year project.

Supermarket Chain

As one of the largest supermarket chain stores in South Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa, this supermarket chain’s stores need to be uniformly identifiable. With a dedicated warehouse to guarantee reliable supply chain of the specified products for this brand, including a colourful mosaic specially designed for the brand, we aim to ensure a quality supply and fit tiling service which is done as unobtrusively as possible. Installation includes specialist adhesives and grout for food preparation areas to ensure hygiene standards are met, as well as detailed specifications and guarantees on the project for peace of mind.

Fast food Retailer

Working with a well-known fast food retailer, we ensure an identifiable corporate identity across all their outlets, supplying porcelain, ceramic and slate tiles including bathroomware to the brand’s outlets nationally and internationally. The colourful and carefully considered tile layouts add to the ambience that the restaurant brand wants to portray. These restaurants feature natural products such as timbers, which provide an earthy feel in addition to the rich colours that are warm and inviting, reflecting the Afro-Portuguese influence. Curved patterns as opposed to linear lines help define the layout for the stores. With our nationwide footprint to supply and service consistently countrywide, franchisees can rely on Tile Africa Commercial.


Spar Wonderboom Junction was launched early 2023 with a state of the art retail showroom that includes where the Tile Africa Commercial team installed 1850m2 of the STB Epoxy Power Trowel Flooring System in their shop front and 500m2 polyurethane flooring in the back of house. This floor covering consisting of glacial quartz and resin. It is suitable for retail settings since it is seamless, slip-resistant, hard-wearing and easy to clean, making it ideal for places with high traffic.


This leading property developer is proud to offer a variety of residential lifestyle estates that improve the standard of living for their residents through their facilities. These estates feature facilities for leisure, fitness, and socializing that comprise of well-kept playgrounds, outdoor gyms, swimming pools, and a clubhouse. The properties are thoughtfully designed with attention to detail, featuring contemporary architecture, high-quality finishes, and well-maintained exteriors. Residents can indulge in comfortable living spaces, modern kitchens, and inviting outdoor areas. In addition to the floor coverings, all the taps and bathroomware for the estate were supplied as part of a concept to completion offering to the property developers.

Jing Shi Buddhist Temple

Jing Shi Buddhist Temple in Bedfordview is the first Jing Shi Temple to open its doors in Africa. It was inaugurated in June 2022. Volunteers from five countries attended the inauguration of the Jing Si Hall in Johannesburg, where local Buddhist elders gave their blessings to the Jing Shi Buddhist Temple ground. This Temple was built to serve as a central location wherefrom Tzu Chi volunteers could work and assist in uplifting the local community and into other African countries.


This large clothing & home retailer believe in making quality products affordable to everyone. They know that family always comes first and believe that they always should. With award-winning quality products at unbeatable prices they have opened over 1000 stores across five countries where they strive to make a sustainable impact. We are proud to partner with them through the supply of their flooring solution in their showroom floors.


This fun yet traditional Portuguese fast food retailer opened its doors in 1993, but its traditions & recipes far precede its stores opening in South Africa. They have a strong heritage & carry it through not only in their recipes to create one-of-a-kind delicious food, but throughout the aesthetics of their eateries. The vibrant and thoughtfully designed tile patterns enhance the ambiance of the eatery.


The Houghton Hotel Spa, Wellness and Golf is an urban resort that provides a "home away from home" in the affluent Johannesburg neighbourhood of Houghton. The hotel was established as a result of the founders' enthusiasm for people, exceptional service, design, and architecture. The Houghton Hotel Spa, Wellness and Golf has been chosen by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as the winner for Best Luxury Lifestyle Hotel in South Africa, 2023.

“Steeped in tradition, Houghton Golf Club is one of South Africa’s premier golfing venues, and the course has a proud history as a championship facility. The Houghton Hotel is a carefully crafted haven, where casual comfort and unsurpassed luxury become one – a retreat that ensures your stay at the hotel is effortless and memorable.”

Public swimming pool

Swimming pools require specialised product and installation, which is where Tile Africa Commercial excels. We specialise in the supply and installation of Olympic size swimming pools using FINA approved tiles and specialised fittings manufactured in Germany, to complete a pool from inception to completion. A wide variety of leisure pool tile solutions suited for hotel pools, spa’s, lodges etc. is also available with installations and guarantees from our supply and fit teams.

Our products include an extensive range of non-slip tile and other flooring solutions for pool surrounds with public safety, as well as aesthetics in mind.



Minimising downtime during flooring projects.

Customers hate to be inconvenienced by refurbishment projects and fit-outs, and many companies are reliant on foot traffic to ensure turnover. Shutting a store down for renovations is simply not an option these days, so how is it possible to upgrade when you cannot afford to shut down a section of the store?

Tile Africa Commercial recognises that downtime can be detrimental to businesses, which is why they offer a service called Supply and Fit to these challenges. The service is geared to assist refurbishment and installation of flooring projects across various sectors, and it ensures that businesses can run at full speed, as tiling is done as unobtrusively as possible to ensure minimum inconvenience and downtime.

A one-stop solution

While it often makes sense to spread your risk with construction and building projects, putting all of your eggs in one basket is a good thing when it comes to refurbishment projects. Partnering with a single solutions provider can streamline the process with one accountable party for the project, limiting frustrations and project delays, saving time and money.

'Our Supply and Fit service ensures that everything is taken care of by us ' from concept creation and meeting with architects, to the sourcing of material, project management, storage and full installation,' says David Holtshausen, National Installations Manager at Tile Africa Commercial.

The Supply and Fit service

This service ensures that business is able to return to normal within a couple of hours. 'In some previous installations, we have worked during the night using a six-hour rapid setting adhesive, which means doors were able to open as usual the following morning,' says David.

Tile Africa Commercial can also take on multiple franchises and stores, thanks to the company's nationwide footprint of over 30 stores. Each sub project can be fitted with the same materials and commitment to quality every single time.

'We also have the ability to store supplies and products at various store locations for a long period, which means the project will never come to a standstill due to unavailability of materials,' adds David.

Every Supply and Fit project receives a fully comprehensive guarantee, which means that Tile Africa Commercial will partner with you for that period to make certain your renovations meet your expectations. This way, Tile Africa Commercial is able to ensure world-class project management alongside leading flooring products.

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Tile Africa Commercial Contributes to the Success of the Harrison Aquatic Complex

June 2024

Tile Africa Commercial is delighted to announce its significant role in supplying premium swimming pool tiles and associated products for the completion of the Harrison Aquatic Complex. This state-of-the-art facility is a joint venture between Clarendon High School for Girls and Clarendon Primary School for Girls, aimed at providing top-notch aquatic facilities for nurturing talent and fostering a love for swimming among the younger generation.

Tile Africa Commercial Contributes to the Success of the Harrison Aquatic Complex

The success of the Harrison Aquatic Complex is attributed to a collaborative effort from various key players in the construction industry. The architectural brilliance behind the project comes from Smale & Partners, while Casgal Construction served as the main contractor, overseeing the construction process. The responsibility of ensuring the flawless installation of tiles fell upon the capable shoulders of Natural Stoneworx, the designated tiling contractor for this ambitious undertaking. With Tile Africa Commercial supplying FINA approved swimming pool tiles from Interbau-Blink and adhesives, grout & primers & additives from the leader in the tiling industry, TAL.

Swimming pool products

The Harrison Aquatic Complex stands out with its impressive features, including a FINA-approved Olympic-sized water polo pool and a world short course swimming pool. These world-class facilities are complemented by a smaller training pool, specifically designed to nurture emerging talent, and instil a love for aquatics among the younger generation. Clarendon Schools, through projects like the Harrison Aquatic Complex, continue to offer their students unparalleled opportunities and facilities.

The completion of the Harrison Aquatic Complex stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between various stakeholders, each playing a vital role in bringing this state-of-the-art facility to fruition. Tile Africa Commercial is honoured to have been a part of this remarkable project and is committed to continuing its support for initiatives that promote excellence and innovation in the construction industry. The Harrison Aquatic Complex will undoubtedly serve as a hub for aquatic excellence, providing a platform for aspiring swimmers to hone their skills and make waves in the world of aquatics.

 The Harrison Aquatic Complex will undoubtedly serve as a hub for aquatic excellence

Partner with Tile Africa Commercial for your next swimming pool project. Whether it is an Olympic, school, or leisure swimming pool, our specialized product distinguishes itself by its technical attributes providing durability, safety and fit for purpose product to suit the application. They offer optimal hygiene, are particularly low-maintenance and resistant against frost, heat, and aggressive substances.

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