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The commercial team of Tile Africa is part of the longstanding and successful Norcros group made up of Johnson Tiles, TAL adhesives and Tile Africa.


Our team offer the building industry professional peace of mind on their project requirements by efficient and consistent supply of quality products and services, from concept to completion, on a national scale.


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A distribution, delivery and service network through over 33 stores nationwide.
A wide range of local andimported ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, sanitaryware and associated products.
Specialist products for commercial and industrial applications.
Commercial supply and fit services to selected national customers.
Centralised sales coordination for national customers and corporates.
Guaranteed method and material specifications for tiling installations and quality guarantees on all products.
On site technical advice.
Sales and design assistance from concept to completion.






The Tile Africa Commercial portfolio attests to the wide range of services and specifications this division extends to architects, contractors, specifiers and designers.


Our national distribution network through our Tile Africa stores enables us to supply products in all nine provinces, from modern and sophisticated designs to simple and clean layouts.


We supply tiles for very specific sites, from highly technical products, such as flooring for breweries, food manufacturing plants and hospitals, to aesthetically pleasing tiles for shopping centres, corporate office parks, swimming pools and residential developments.











Minimising downtime during flooring projects 

Customers hate to be inconvenienced by refurbishment projects and fit-outs, and many companies are reliant on foot traffic to ensure turnover. Shutting a store down for renovations is simply not an option these days, so how is it possible to upgrade when you cannot afford to shut down a section of the store?

Tile Africa recognises that downtime can be detrimental to businesses, which is why they offer a service called Supply and Fit to these challenges. The service is geared to assist refurbishment and installation of flooring projects across various sectors and it ensures that businesses can run at full speed, as tiling is done as unobtrusively as possible to ensure minimum inconvenience and downtime.
A one-stop solution

While it often makes sense to spread your risk with construction and building projects, putting all of your eggs in one basket is a good thing when it comes to refurbishment projects. When you partner with a single solutions provider and cut out the middle man, one person will be accountable for the project so you won't get caught up in the blame game that is often played between installers and suppliers when something goes wrong.

'Our Supply and Fit service ensures that everything is taken care of by us ' from concept creation and meeting with architects, to the sourcing of material, project management, storage and full installation,' says David Holtshausen, National Installations Manager at Tile Africa.



The Supply and Fit service

This service ensures that business is able to return to normal within a couple of hours. 'In some previous installations, we have worked during the night using a six-hour rapid setting adhesive, which means doors were able to open as usual the following morning,' says David.

Tile Africa can also take on multiple franchises and stores, thanks to the company's nationwide footprint of 33 stores. Each sub project can be fitted with the same materials and commitment to quality every single time.

'We also have the ability to store supplies and products at various store locations for a long period, which means the project will never come to a standstill due to unavailability of materials,' adds David.

Every Supply and Fit project receives a fully comprehensive 10 to 15 year guarantee, which means that Tile Africa will partner with you for that period to make certain your renovations meet your expectations. This way, Tile Africa is able to ensure world-class project management alongside leading flooring products.