The announcement by Pantone of their Colour of the Year for 2022 presents a blend of comforting blue and bold violet called Very Peri. Pantone describes the shade as a “dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone”. The resulting colour speaks to creativity, as a response to a world that has faced a period of profound change and upheaval which has required new thinking, new ways of doing business and a re-imagining of both public and private spaces. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute defines their reasoning behind Very Peri, “Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions.”

With larger numbers of people suddenly working from home, having to home school children, being confined to our homes, and having limited exposure to the world outside has brought about both a greater reliance on technology and a yearning for the calming influence of nature. This is also seen in the changes happening in the design of public spaces in response to the Covid pandemic. Pantone believes that Very Peri illustrates this combination of both digital and physical worlds and the transition between past and future.

An interesting element of the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2022 for us, is the exploration of the cheerful Very Peri in a collection of palettes, bringing this distinctive colour into the fold with colour forecasts from other influencers in the décor and design realm.

Paint manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams, have put forward colour choices for the year that are largely focussed on green. Sue Wadden, director of colour marketing at Sherwin-Williams explains, "Green just made the most sense, I wanted the Color of the Year to reflect this idea of rebirth and growth and our collective newness for 2022, and Evergreen Fog was the perfect fit.” Other paint manufacturers following this green trend are Benjamin Moore with their October Mist and Behr Paint’s Breezeway.

These trending greens, which convey tranquillity into our spaces, when teamed with the uplifting Very Peri, are an outstanding way to bring us into the new year. The natural shades are excellent colours for creating a nature-inspired palette upon which to layer in the more vivacious colours such as the joyous periwinkle of Pantone’s Very Peri or the vibrant magenta of Orchid Flower chosen by trend forecasters WGSN for 2022.

So, how does one marry the choice of tiles, which is more long-lasting with these trending colours? The answer is to create a solid foundation for your homes, using the latest designs before adding the seasonal colours around that in cohesive way through soft furnishings, décor items and artwork.

Leading the trends in flooring is Terrazzo, which is enjoying a revival that looks set to establish this traditional polished stone aggregate pattern as a classic, sitting comfortably alongside the more well-known marble-look patterns. Perennial favourites of wood and stone-look patterns remain a popular choice for many homeowners and lend themselves particularly well to nature-inspired décor.

Whilst using a single flooring choice throughout the home gives a cohesive look, adding tiles with pattern and print as accents, can elevate and add interest to a space. This trend is becoming more and more popular, allowing homeowners to personalize their homes and bring in the trending colours of the year. Naturals, shades of blue and green as well as classic black and white colour combinations, are amongst the most popular choices for these accent tiles, right now.

Colour has meaning, creating spaces that relax, inspire or invigorate and the 2022 palette of creative colours gives a generous range of options. Whether you prefer the calming shades of green, the more carefree Very Peri, or a combination of these for your home is a personal choice. What the industry seems to agree on is that the new colours of the year are meant to be used creatively, for a fresh start and embracing the everchanging world we find ourselves in. Surround yourself with the colours that you love this year and find your personal expression of home.