Do you #WFH? Working from home or a hybrid of time in the office and time at your home office is the new way of work and that means making your home more than home to meet the changing needs of your life.
It may be time to create a dedicated space for your home office and get the most out of your home. Start with what the type of look that you love and what makes sense for your home.

Make it easy

A low-maintenance and easy to clean space is a must, because with everything you need to do in a day, it’s one less thing to worry about. A tiled floor just needs a quick sweep and a weekly mop to keep them looking beautiful.

Some flooring options may require a protective floor cover, in order to protect them from the wear and tear caused by a wheeled office chair. The weight of the furniture you choose could also cause unsightly indentations on your carpets. Tiles offer a more durable and hard-wearing option as they aren’t affected by your choice of furnishings, or by any foot or furniture traffic within the space.

Style it

A subtle cement-look pattern is perfect for a contemporary space, particularly when paired with wood furnishings. The rich diversity of stone-look patterns, with their unique shades and tones of earth-brown and cooler greys add texture to the space.

Wood-look patterns are always a popular choice, for a warm and comforting space. For a softer feel underfoot, laminate flooring is an excellent alterative for a modern home office.

Beyond the choice of flooring, make sure you have everything you need close at hand, be that stationery, plug points, or just a place to put your coffee cup. Storage is also key to keeping the clutter of your work life contained within the space you’ve identified as your home office, separate from where you relax and spend time with your family.

Bring some greenery into the space, creating a calm space for you to work. Natural light and fresh air are a natural mood booster, which will help you stay focused as you navigate a work from home lifestyle.

Our homes have become a place to work, play and relax so putting the time and effort into making your space work for all these activities, makes it more than home. A seamless look between the different areas within the space brings it all together. For inspiration to make your home office the ideal #WFH space, browse our range of floor tiles.