Walking into a shop full of tiles can be intimidating when there are so many to choose from! Which one is ideal for the space you’re renovating, which one will look good, and which one will be the right option for your budget? Read on for the 101 of tiles to help you make the best choice for your home.

Wall versus Floor

Wall tiles are thinner and lighter than floor tiles. They are designed to only be used on walls and are often not strong enough to use on the floor without cracking. Wall tiles can also be textured or bevelled. Floor tiles are thicker and can be used on floors or walls.

What’s in a name

You’ve heard about ceramic, porcelain, hardbody and mosaic tiles, but what does that all mean?

Ceramic tiles are the most common type of tile available with a wide range of patterns and sizes to choose from. They are a budget-friendly option that can be used on wall and floors and are a great choice for indoors, covered patios and balconies.

Hardbody and porcelain tiles are quite similar as they are very hard, durable tiles and often come in the larger sizes. Because of their strength, they are often used in shopping centres, or high traffic areas. One the plus side they can be used everywhere including outside in exposed areas, but they need a special tile adhesive which can add to your costs.

Tiles with a slip resistant finish have a rougher, or grittier surface than normal glazed tiles which makes them better suited for use outdoors and in wet areas.

Make it personal

Mosaic tiles are smaller format tiles, usually stuck on a backing mesh. These can be ceramic, porcelain, hardbody or glass, or a combination of these. They are fantastic for bringing colour into your design, for drawing the eye through a room or to differentiate between different areas within the space. Glass mosaics should be installed with a special tile adhesive for best results.

Décor tiles can be ceramic, hardbody or porcelain tiles and are usually a patterned tile or are cut into different shapes to add interest and character to your room. Some can only be used on the wall, others can be used on wall or floor. Décor tiles are a fabulous way to personalize your space and create a look as unique as you are.

Bring the beauty of natural stone into your home with cladding tiles. If the maintenance of natural stone tiles is unappealing, then why not explore the range of ceramic wall cladding décor tiles that deliver all the beauty without the work. Modern manufacturing techniques deliver hyper-realistic patterns for maximum impact with minimal effort.


Tiles are very strong, so they last a long time especially if they are installed properly with the right tile adhesive. Different tiles need different types of tile adhesive, so be sure to check with the team in store before you buy. If you’re tiling outside, upstairs or in a wet area, you should modify the adhesive to avoiding cracking and lifting tiles.

Now that you know the basics about what tiles are available and what will work best in your home, you can choose the right type of tile for where you are tiling. The fun part is choosing the look you want for your home whether that’s a modern metro, luxe living or naturally beautiful style. Try out our style guide to help narrow down the options to the look that you love the most. When in doubt, ask for help in store.