May 2023


There's something truly extraordinary about transforming a house into a home, infusing it with your unique personality and style. This winter, we invite you to embark on a journey of interior décor where you can truly make it yours. Create a space that mirrors your passions and interests. Whether it's a cosy reading nook filled with beloved books or an art studio that beckons creativity, surround yourself with elements that inspire and uplift you. Your home should be a reflection of your dreams and aspirations, reminding you of what truly matters.

As winter arrives, transforming your home into a warm and inviting space becomes a top priority. However, creating a cosy atmosphere doesn't have to break the bank. With a few clever tips and tricks, you can save on style and still achieve a beautiful winter-inspired home.

In this blog post, we'll explore budget-friendly ideas that will help you create your personal space without compromising on style.

Tip1 #Seamless Spaces

Embrace an open concept design. Remove unnecessary walls and barriers that hinder the flow between rooms. Emphasize continuity by using a consistent colour palette throughout the space, allowing different areas to seamlessly blend together. Opt for furniture and décor pieces that complement each other in style and scale, ensuring a sense of unity. Incorporate smart storage solutions to keep clutter at bay, maintaining a clean and streamlined look. By focusing on seamless transitions and visual cohesion, you'll create an inviting and effortlessly interconnected space that enhances both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Recommended Style: Modern Metro

Using a cement-look tile, Alaska Grey Hardbody |600x1200mm | R249.99 per m2.

Alaska Grey Hardbody

Tip2 #Complement or Contrast

Start with a neutral palette then dress it up or down. Finding the right balance between light and drama is key to creating a captivating and harmonious space. One valuable tip is to consider the interplay of lighting and dramatic elements. Use natural light to your advantage by incorporating large windows, skylights, or strategically placed mirrors to maximize the amount of light in your space. This will create an airy and uplifting ambiance. To add a touch of drama, introduce statement pieces like bold artwork, unique sculptures, or striking furniture. Play with contrasting colours, textures, and patterns to create focal points and visual interest.

Recommended Style: Modern Metro

Using a neutral tile, Brushed Cement Grey Ceramic Floor | 400x400mm for only R124,99 per m2.

Brushed Cement Grey Ceramic Floor

Tip3 #Urban living with shades of grey

Incorporate the shades of grey into your interior décor. Grey tones can create a sophisticated and cohesive look, but to add depth and visual interest, experiment with different textures and layers. Incorporate plush velvet cushions, cosy knitted throws, and sleek metallic accents to create a contrast of smooth and tactile surfaces. This tip will elevate your urban living-inspired décor, transforming it into a captivating and dynamic environment that exudes modern elegance.

Recommended Style: Modern Metro

Using a cement-look tile, Miami Light Grey Hardbody | 600x1200mm for only R259,99 per m2.

Miami Light Grey Hardbody

Tip4 #Textures and Wood

Add warmth and comfort to your space. To infuse warmth and a touch of natural charm into your interior décor, consider incorporating textures and wood elements. Texture is a powerful tool that can instantly add depth and visual interest to any space. Introduce cosy, tactile fabrics such as plush rugs and soft knitted throws. Additionally, wood accents can bring a natural and organic feel to your home. Incorporate wooden furniture, whether it's a rustic dining table or a sleek coffee table. You can also use wooden wall panels to create a focal point and bring a touch of nature indoors. By combining textures and wood, you'll create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that brings both style and cosiness.

Recommended Style: Naturally Beautiful

Using a wood-look tile, Timber Wood Oak Ceramic Floor | 250x500mm | R181.49 per m2.

Timber Wood Oak Ceramic Floor

Tip5 #Reflect the Light

Reflect the light in your space. Tiles with a glossy finish reflect light and give the illusion of space. These reflective surfaces can amplify the impact of light, making the room feel brighter and more vibrant. Consider using glossy or metallic finishes on surfaces such as countertops, furniture, or décor items. By consciously incorporating reflective elements into your design, you'll create a luminous and radiant atmosphere that uplifts and transforms your space.

Recommended Style: Luxe Living

Using a large format marble-look tile, Fiorella Polished Porcelain Floor |600x600mm | From R259.99 per m2.

Fiorella Polished Porcelain Floor


Creating a cosy and stylish space in your home doesn't have to drain your bank account. By embracing natural elements, layering textures, utilizing candlelight, incorporating DIY décor, and rearranging or repurposing items, you can achieve a warm and inviting ambiance on a budget.